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What Are the Uses of Temporary Buildings in the UK?

Many people are using temporary structures after discovering their many advantages. The fact that they are cheaper compared to traditional permanent buildings have made them appealing to many people and institutions. 

Other benefits of these types of structures include flexibility, which has made them suitable to be used for various reasons. In the UK, the use of temporary buildings is on the rise, and this is changing the construction industry. There are many ways that temporary structures are being used in the country, and here are some of them.

Classrooms for Schools and other Learning Institution

Constructing traditional permanent buildings tends to have its disadvantages. When it comes to school and other learning institutions, finding ways to create more room fast has been made a priority. Every year, the number of school-going kids increases and various schools tend to require additional classrooms. As a result of the need for more classrooms, many schools in the UK have decided to use temporary buildings. These buildings can be constructed at a rapid pace. 

The fact that they are transported when already constructed rather than later installed is a bonus. This is mainly because the daily learning activities cannot be interrupted with construction operations, as in the case of permanent building construction. Construction companies like Smart-Space have been providing temporary structures to schools and other higher learning institutions. You can click here to visit their website.

Storage Facilities

Warehouses tend to play a significant role in the success of many enterprises in the UK. This is because businesses need to find ways to safely store their goods. Those who run different enterprises in the country will confirm that it is challenging to determine the number of goods a business needs at all times. This is mainly because the demand can increase at any time, and it is crucial to have the needed goods. Businesses are using temporary structures to provide the much-needed space to safely store their merchandise. Temporary structures are easy and cheap to construct, which is good for business.

Emergency Use

Temporary structures are ideal in case of any emergency where buildings are destroyed and there is a need for structures to provide shelter to the affected. The fact that they take less time to construct has made them ideal in case of any emergency. An example of how these buildings have been crucial in aiding many in the UK is when the coronavirus started. There was an emergency as the virus was spreading at a high rate across the country. Temporary buildings were used to meet the demand for more space by hospitals throughout the country. Temporary structures were also used for additional testing and isolation centers as more were getting the virus.


Other ways temporary buildings are being used in the UK is for offices, commercial spaces, agriculture, and sporting facilities. Temporary buildings have many benefits, and it is high time you utilize them. The fact that they are cheap, highly customizable, and can be constructed quickly has made them ideal to be used for various purposes.


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