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PPE vending machines launched in a Horsham shopping centre

With the reopening of non-essential stores the other week, and with the go signal from 4 July on restaurants, hotels, and movie theatres in England, face masks can be extremely important to prevent the new surge of coronavirus outbreak.

RapidPPE2go will set-up their first ever vending machine in the Swan Walk shopping centre in Horsham, West Sussex next week designed to remind shopkeepers as well as the shoppers to take the necessary precautions all the time.

The management claims that it is one of the very first PPE vending machines that debuted.

How the idea came about?

Tristan Matthews, the managing director of RapidPPE2go, said that 30%-40% of on-site shoppers are already using face masks, still potentially increasing the risk of transmitting Covid-19 droplets all around the shopping centre.

He said: “The idea emerged from the fact that my business partner Lauren saw that there were plenty of people who were riding on public transport and doing their usual daily activities without any facial cover, even before these were made mandatory on different transport systems.

Tristan aims that the vending machines of their company will serve as a reminder for people to do their share in reducing the R-number so that all of us can get back to normal perhaps soon.

“The research demonstrates that they can help prevent the spread of viruses and other infections by up to 90%, thus very efficient in preventing the virus-borne transmission in the atmosphere.”

“We considered face masks & hand sanitizer vending machines as an effective and creative way to do this.

“We also want to make the masks and other PPEs readily available, comfortable, and affordable to as many users as possible.”

Future Plans

Mr. Matthews also said that the vending machine will be mounted over the next 10 days.

If the sales will be good and business will be profitable, he said it could be expanded out to more shopping malls and public areas around the country.

Masks price is as affordable as £ 1.50 each or £5 in every pack of 10 masks, bottles of hand sanitizing gel cost around £1.80, and packs of 12 antibacterial hand wipes will be sold for £2 and the reusable face mask with filter is going to cost £3.50 each.

“We aimed to create a community of trustworthy suppliers to make sure that we could offer the best quality items at the most reasonable price available.

He said the firm, which was set up to deliver vital goods to the general population and help combat the spread of Covid-19, is aiming to sell products that customers will find on their vending machines on its official site:

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