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RE-DEFINED – Successes of Women in Business

Two business founders from Brighton are working together to host RE-DEFINED.

The founder of the Thrive Effect, Clare Griffiths, and the founder of the Absolute Alchemy, Karen Stenning, have specially designed an exciting plan of inspiring discussions & practical workshops to help entrepreneurs redefine and reevaluate their businesses throughout this era of rapid change.

The practical way we do business is continuously changing.


RE-DEFINED is a fully digital interactive conference celebrating and fostering the perseverance of businesswomen and women founders in the UK.

Founded in Brighton, it features primarily the business women ‘s achievements and is well received by everyone.

At this moment of unprecedented transition, when the logical way we do business has always been and continues to be redefined, this digital convention is intended to provide delegates with the motivation, information, and contacts they need to make audacious moves towards progress and development in their sector.

This would be an invitation for female business leaders in the UK to pave the way towards a better future.

What are you going to learn?

On May 29, Friday, Kathy Caton, founder and Director of Brighton Gin, will start with an inspiring speech to discuss a nine-year journey to develop the award-winning gin brand and how she is currently navigating across the ever-changing economic landscape.

Informational lectures, seminars, and committee discussions will be conducted following Kathy ‘s talk. There are four topics: “My Voice: Re-defined,” “My Business: Re-defined”, “My Wealth: Re-defined & “My Mind,: Re-Defined”.

Also, a diverse range of women entrepreneurs and businesswomen will be sharing their experiences in business. This will also

You will learn how to develop your marketing campaign, invent new business strategies, make the products better, and conquer self-limiting confidence through our motivational talks and seminars.

Throughout the networking session and during our peer support session, you’ll also have the chance to create new connections with other entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts, offering an opportunity to create new ties in small groups.

Karen Stenning stated, “Right now, the world is waking up to the strength and resilience of women in the economy, and our interactive event will provide the opportunity to honor women entrepreneurs who took bold and creative action before and after the Covid-19 pandemic to create competitive and sustainable businesses.”

Is this for you?

This upcoming event is open to everyone. We encourage business owners of all gender preferences to come and join.

You do not have to be a founder of your own business yet, but you can be a guiding force in your organisation that seeks to distinguish yourself and your project apart.

Please be aware that all our guest speakers are women as our goal is to lift the profile of businesses founded and led by women.

Our Partners

Karen and Clare weren’t sure how the companies would react to this new virtual gathering, but they are glad that Barclays Eagle Lab, Plus Accounting, Let’s Do Business Finance, Hatch Enterprise, and Shake It Up Creative, contributed to making this a possibility.

They both have collaborations with the organisation Rise. This is a charity organisation from Brighton that helps women afflicted by domestic violence. Ten percent of the ticket proceeds will go to Rise.

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