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Climate Change

Plus X Brighton Aiming to be the Healthiest Building in the City

A company hopes into becoming the healthiest in the city.

Plus X is located in Preston Barracks, Lewes Road, and strives to be the healthiest building in the city while collaborating with Wellspace; an organization that strives to develop the well-being in the workforce.

Healthiest Company

The concept behind Plus X is to integrate versatile work areas with ‘a wealth of amenities and support.’ This would include product labs, media studios, and prototype workshops, integration of development programs, start-up accelerators, and availability to Plus X business development services from advertising campaigns to team talent specialists.

The Plus X Brighton team, which builds futuristic workspaces that help companies reach their full potential, needs to ensure that their team is in good shape, not only physically, but also mentally.

The new and innovative hub is the first one to receive a platinum award from the WELL Building Institute for its emphasis on the health and also the well-being of its occupants.

Olga Hopton, Managing Director of Plus X Brighton, focuses on ensuring that if people spend a lot of time at work, they can at least be delighted with their working space.

“We basically would like to create Plus X Brighton the city’s healthiest workplace, an area where the environment promotes optimism and productivity, and the Plus X team will be facilitating a supportive atmosphere.”

Her mission is to “build and maintain the healthiest workplace in the city of Brighton and of the United Kingdom.”

Yoga lessons from Namaste Yoga will be made available to employees about twice per week, including rosemary-infused tap water as well as the special produced ‘Productivitea’ by Bird and Blend Tea Co.

Rosemary infused water often is supplied in the meeting rooms, which is proven to enhance concentration and strengthen the immune system. And, mixes of essential oils help promote positive energy and motivation.

Plus X staff members will be provided with mental health services. Also, the company will introduce a dog-friendly policy that would encourage staff to bring their pet with them to alleviate stress.

Olga aims to obtain the Platinum Well Building Standards Certification, which has this slogan “Buildings and Communities that help people thrive,” ensuring that Plus X work areas are designed for wellbeing, safety, and agility.

“As an aspect of the Well building regulations, we are collating a Well Building Guide that would be accessible to the people, helping everyone who is using the space for optimal level of health and wellbeing, and we’ll also set up a library that empowers and boosts awareness and knowledge.”

“Our comprehensive schedule of events will include a wide range of wellness-focused activities and conferences, with yoga sessions at the start of every week, so that team members will positively begin their week.”

Building Design

Plus X Brighton has seven floors and can accommodate over 550 individuals, featuring hot desks, workshops, conference spaces, exhibition space, and high-tech facilities such as prototyping labs for product testing and development.

The building has high-tech equipment and enhances healthy behaviors by aromatherapy and meditation techniques.

There are soundproofed podcasts facilities and 3D printing machines available and an external terrace to enable members to grow their ideas, practice relaxation, and join yoga classes, with aromatherapy-infused areas to drive human growth through productive physiological and psychological wellbeing.’

The layout of the building takes into consideration several factors, including air quality to temperature regulation and humidity.

Plus X Brighton ‘s management said: “Everything about the building structure and the unique features that are developed for its members has health, safety and well-being in mind, from its dietary balanced and locally grown café on the ground level to its sleek, ergonomic furniture and decorations, to its stunning rooftop deck with ample organic plants.”

Sustainable electric power, solar energy, and zero-landfill set of policies make the worksite carbon neutral.

Plus X is created to make it easier for their members to concentrate on what they’re doing best.

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