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Fish Home Delivery Service in Brighton

If your busy schedule gets in the way of eating a balanced diet, then you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s a new local home-delivery service in town.

Indeed, gone are the days of fishmongers peddling their goods on the seafront.

If your busy life is getting in the way of keeping a healthy diet, then you’ll be happy to know that there is already a local fish and seafood home delivery service in town.

Kudos to Hove resident David Copeland, a food enthusiast, and a certified home cook, the fun while shopping for fish and other kinds of seafood are coming straight to your place.

The new foodie business, Nutritious Fish, offers fresh seafood to communities around Brighton and Hove.

Filling the Gap in the Market

David managed to spot a new market opportunity. He said, “Brighton is a coastal city, but there are only very few reputable fishmongers, which is why most people have to buy fish and other seafood in the supermarkets.”

“However, fish is pre-frozen, almost always imported outside the United Kingdom, not seasonal, or just nothing of high quality. As shown in the BBC Two documentary, “The Honest Supermarket”, inspected codfish fillets from 5 separate supermarkets and discovered that others were up to 20 days old.”

Nutritious Fish Delivers

David’s idea is pretty basic because it means that if we eat seafood, we should make sure it’s healthy and safe.

Fish can be requested anytime you like, on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, and then David himself will pick up the fish and other seafood from Shoreham-based fishmongers, Fish!, on Saturdays.

Customers may also decide the quantity and type of fish, whether they wanted mixed, oily, white fishes or shellfish, through Nutritious Fish’s website.

David utilizes his filleting skills to prep and packaging the fish, including the use of biodegradable grease-proof paper while maintaining the whole process as plastic-free. Then, David delivers it to the customers in Brighton, Hove, and nearby areas by hand.

“The quality of Fish!’s seasonal goods, acquired locally or transported from other parts of the United Kingdom, is unmatchable, and purchasing there each week is a delight.

“But not everybody can juggle jobs, family, and social life.”

“All we’re doing is making things better for busy people by getting the freshest, highest quality fish that we can personally deliver to them.”

Business Principles

The environment is at the core of David’s quest for his business, the Nutritious Fish.

“I purchased all my fish and shellfish from UK seasonal, renewable supplies,” he said. “Indeed, it’s more legal, yet its quality and taste are still unbeatable.”

“We also organize postcode delivery slots to lessen mileage and cut carbon emissions.

“We keep a minimal packaging. You ‘re not going to see any paper flyers and leaflets from us too.”

But it is the beneficial health effects of fresh fish that David hopes will bring the paying customers to his business.

“The essential nutritional properties of fish have been well established,” he said. “Notably, heart-healthy omega-3s are found in oily fish as well as the low saturated amount of fat both in oily & white fish.

“We’ve heard about seasonal variation and a great range of products on our local coastline and all across the UK.”

“Simply, we want to offer the highest quality natural, sustainable, fresh fish, and seafood directly to our consumers in the most environmentally conscious way possible.”

The Nutritious Fish’s website is filled with recipes, culinary tips, and plenty of seasonal fish details, so it would be useful to help you prepare your meals and get a bit more adventurous while cooking healthy, fresh fish.

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