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Brighton Gin Distillers Starts Producing Hand Sanitiser

We are already familiar with the advice: wash your hands regularly with water and soap to avoid coronavirus transmission. If you can’t, you may use a hand sanitizer.

Yet, it’s a different story in finding a hand sanitizer. With COVID19 hitting the entire planet, the market for alcohol-based hand sanitizers unexpectedly rose.

Usually, there are only a few bottles of alcohol sanitizers left in stores, and if you can find a product that contains at least 60% of alcohol, prepare to pay a high price.

There is a significant supply disruption for alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Distilleries help tackle the lack of hand sanitizers through using the alcohol in their sites to develop their alcohol-based solutions.

Some pack it in small bottles, while others allow people to bring containers for refilling.

Brighton’s Gin Distilleries- Unusual Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Sources

Brighton Gin

Brighton Gin has used their alcohol to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

The distillery company collaborated with Lewes brand, A.S Apothecary, on the creation of a hand sanitizer, that is chemically effective but soothing on the skin.

Brighton Gin’s organic alcohol including six of its chosen aromatics are mixed to produce a hand sanitizer with the mint and a rosemary oil mixture from A.S Apothecary.

Brighton Gin’s founder Kathy Caton: ‘We have decided to partner with A.S. Apothecary and produce hand sanitizers as soon as I found that distilleries can play their part in fighting COVID 19 and help tackle shortages.

“We give them high-distilled ethanol that we commonly use for gins,” said Kathy.
“This is 70% alcohol, so you would certainly not want to drink it.

Following its establishment in 2013, Brighton Gin has always been dedicated through its Community Spirit program to benefit local community organizations and the voluntary services industry.

Hand sanitizer bottles can be purchased on the Brighton Gin website and the distillery has given hundreds of bottles to the most essential workers in Brighton and Hove and the local area since production started.

Brighton Gin is not making money from sales of these sanitizers and will continue to share these bottles to people who are isolated due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We will provide supplies with health inspections, so we know that individuals are all okay in isolation,” said Kathy.

Murray & Yeatman Distilleries

The Brighton & Hove Buses recently discovered an unexpected supplier of hand sanitizers for their drivers and other frontline staff, a nearby gin distillery.

As the coronavirus epidemic occurred, the management of Brighton and Hove Buses searched high and low for hand sanitizer suppliers.

The manager Steve Trewin learned that Murray and Yeatman, a Seaford gin distillery, create their own medical standard hand sanitizer and provides to the most important local service providers including businesses.

Brighton and Hove Buses have bought 150 liters of the medical-grade substance.

When a friend who was working at a Seaford Care Home said that he couldn’t buy alcohol hand sanitizers anywhere, Murray and Yeatman’s Managing Director and distiller Rob Murray had been given the idea to make hand sanitizers.

And, an additional driving force to start the production was the close-out in March of the bars, pubs, and restaurants.

Rob went on to say: “We have chosen to do that for the care homes and nursing homes in Sussex. I estimated only a few hundred there, but there are thousands! I just can not believe it!

We started ringing some nursing homes and they all responded that they are desperate for having these alcohol hand sanitizers.

He added that the alcohol they use is of high quality and had been distilled multiple times and so it left the skin supple.

Neil Miles, Head of Engineering of Brighton and Hove Buses said: “We began monitoring hand sanitizers early on and started tracking them, but the supply chain quickly became complicated since everyone wanted to buy them.

“We are grateful to Murray and Yeatman including our other suppliers for helping us provide health security for our drivers and our frontline staff.

At times, what appears to be a random idea at first ends up working. We always use the services of our local providers.”

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