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Brighton and Hove pubs can now sell takeaway pints

Several bars and pubs will be capable of offering takeaway cocktails, drinks and other alcoholic beverages starting early next month if the proposed government bill gets passed.

The new law would require bars and pubs to sell drinks and restaurants to provide outdoor seating to help revive the hospitality industry.

New legislation

The amendment is due to the overall initiatives unveiled by the Government last Thursday, 25 June.

Ministers created a new piece of legislation to Parliament that temporarily amends the restrictive licensing law currently in place for restaurants and pubs.

The ministry said that the objective was to “help companies get back on its feet and also get economy back on track.”

This bill “establishes a simpler and easier path for businesses such as restaurants, cafes, and bars in acquiring a license to install tables and chairs on the highway.”

Under these proposed regulations, licensed establishments will be able to convert their parking spaces and terraces into makeshift beer gardens, something like pubs do, setting up chairs and tables on pavement structures to accommodate more customers.

It will encourage more restaurants, pubs, and cafes to operate even when social distancing policies are being enforced, but still, have earnings during the summer season and ensure security to as many hospitality jobs.

The ministers pledged a quick licensing procedure for outdoor seating space for pubs, cafes, and restaurants, with councils urging to reduce red tape and build additional outdoor public markets.

They added that the government plans to promote outdoor seating as part of an overall strategy to stimulate economic growth as it rises back from the coronavirus crisis.

“Proposed planning reforms would mean that street vendors, pop-up garage or car boot selling, or festival fairs will not require a planning application that would transform the way people buy and socialize.”

The Brighton and Hove council’s Licensing Committee was advised that relaxed restrictions on outdoor seating could lead to more improvements in areas like George Street in Hove.

Guidelines to follow

The city council’s licensing manager Jim Whitelegg has said, take-away beverages would still have to be supplied in clean and safe containers.

Mr. Whitelegg has said that the new regulations to minimize the requirement for businesses in applying for license changes to the Council are anticipated to remain in effect for like a year.

The recommendations are set up to benefit cafes, pubs, and restaurants that would be among the industries most seriously affected by the coronavirus social distancing initiatives.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that the social distancing guidelines have been narrowed from 2 meters to 1 meter now.

The easing of the two-meter requirement implies that anywhere from 60 to 75% of the hospitality businesses would likely reopen.

What enterprises are entitled to the new business license?

A business that uses or plans to use its property for the selling of food and beverages may apply for the new license. The government states that qualified enterprises include coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors, and public houses.

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