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What’s an Executive Briefing Centre and does our company need one?

The Definition of an Executive Briefing Centre

An Executive Briefing Centre is a space that is specially designed to enable a company to display what it does to potential and current clients.

Executive Briefing Centres have changed a lot over the years, and they have gained new abilities thanks to the use of versatile technologies and digital storytelling. Once upon a time, you could expect a Briefing Centre to be relatively basic – essentially just a meeting room with screens or projectors. Today, however, the Executive Briefing Center has become an experience.

Modern Briefing Centres (sometimes called Customer Experience Centres) are designed to promote the brand as much as the products or services of a company. These experiences have a remarkable impact on visiting customers, who can really engage with the brand identity with a variety of interactive touchpoints.

However, the investment involved in creating a Briefing Centre is not insignificant. While a thoughtfully designed briefing experience can make a huge contribution to your sales pipeline, this needs to be balanced with typical order/deal sizes to ensure that a new or upgraded Briefing Centre is a worthwhile investment.

Who Uses Briefing Centres?

Many of the world’s biggest and most influential brands use Briefing Centres to win over their customers. This is no coincidence. Because the Briefing Centre can be a spectacular experience for the customer, it helps these brands attain and keep their market position. Briefing Centres can become a distinguishing feature that sets a brand apart from its competitors.

Sales relationships can be long-lasting, and this is especially true when the relationship is reinforced with a shared experience that opens doors to new conversations and possibilities. The Briefing Centre experience isn’t just a persuasive show – it’s something that can launch a new conversation, and can become a reference point too. This enables companies to use their Briefing Centre like a focus group, helping to target their customers with products and services that meet their needs.


The Value of Briefing Centres

The primary value of the Executive Briefing Centre is an uplift in sales and closed deals. However, there are many other positive impacts that come from a modern Briefing Centre.

As already discussed, these incredible experiences help to cement a solid relationship with the customer, and assist the company in finding products that match their needs. Another side to this is that the company can use the insights gained from conversations and interactions with the customer to create entirely new solutions. In this case, it becomes a tool for product innovation as well as sales.

Another value source comes from the way that companies ‘self-define’ when they put in the position of creating their Briefing Centre experience. This can help the company understand the aspects of their brand that the customer finds most appealing.

How Quickly is a Return-on-Investment Generated by an Executive Briefing Center?

The Return-on-Investment from an Executive Briefing Centre can be hard to calculate, but the effect on sales is measurable. The biggest single factor influencing the ROI is the digital storytelling software that is used to power the experience.

With sufficiently powerful digital storytelling software, your Briefing Centre has the maximum ability to be customized and re-used in many ways. This helps to ensure that it is well utilized, which maximizes the return.

A secondary benefit comes from the experience that staff gain by adapting and perfecting their digital storytelling skills – this optimizes each subsequent experience.


What’s the Best Digital Storytelling Software for Briefing Centres?

The options for enterprise-grade digital storytelling software are limited, but there is one clear option that is already used by some of the best briefing and experience centres. This is the Hyro digital storytelling software; a cloud-based platform that is used by some of the biggest household brands to power their Briefing Centres and brand experiences.

The value of digital storytelling software like Hyro is that it can be used to deploy digital stories in a non-linear way. This gives companies the ability to serve just the right content at any fortuitous moment, and capitalize on possibilities that come up during conversations with the client during a briefing session.

Furthermore, this kind of digital storytelling software can help create more opportunities for interaction, by allowing the customers themselves to guide ‘their story’ as they choose from options on touchscreens or interact with sensor-driven signage.


Big Investment, Long-term Payback

Executive Briefing Centres are important and valuable investments that can pay off well in the long term. They have a well-established use for sales and marketing purposes, as well as helping companies to leverage their brand identity to reaffirm the customer relationship. Furthermore, with the ability to adapt in real-time, these can become collaborative experiences that help to deepen this relationship even more.

While these can be a significant investment, Briefing Centres also serve as a memorable customer experience that demonstrates how much their custom means to your company. More information about this subject can be found on

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