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Secured your first graduate job? Time to think about moving out

If you have been lucky enough to secure a graduate job, you may now be thinking about your next steps. While all of your hard work at university has finally paid off, your life as a working professional is only just beginning. Now that the celebrations are over, you may be thinking about moving out. Perhaps you will have to relocate for your new job or maybe you just want some freedom away from your parents. Whatever the reason, there are lots of things to do before you make the big move. In order to make it a little easier, we have rounded up our top tips from telling your parents to organising storage.

Tell your parents

If you have been living at university over the last few years, returning back to your parents’ home can be a bit of a shock. Whilst they may be delighted to have you home again, it can feel like you have lost your independence. Once you have secured that first graduate job and wish to leave your family home, it would be a good idea to give your parents a heads up. Not only will this prepare them for when you make the leap, but they may even offer to help.

Choose a location

Now that you have decided to leave home and have spoken to your parents, you will need to choose a location. Whether you are staying in your hometown or heading to a big city, there will be lots of different neighbourhoods to choose from. Always be mindful of cost when choosing a new location. Some locations may come with a hefty price tag so be sure to decide what things are important to you. Maybe you want to walk to work or perhaps you’d rather be closer to some nightlife. Make a list of priorities in order to find the right area for you.

Find a house

Another important decision to make is the type of house you want to live in. If you like your own personal space, then maybe a private rental is the best option. As it is your first job straight out of university, and you are probably on a tight budget, a house share is usually a cheaper option. Not only will you be able to save money but you will also meet like-minded people. And, if the thought of cleaning after others in the bathroom puts you off, you can always look out for an en suite bedroom instead.

Start packing & organise storage

Once you have done some research and secured a property, it will be time to start organising your belongings. You probably have an entire bedroom of lifelong possessions that you will need to sort through. This is the time to start thinking about storage options. If you are renting a room, a storage facility will ensure that your new place doesn’t become too cluttered with stuff. You might also want to consider selling some items online or at a local car boot sale in order to make some extra cash. And, once you know what you are taking with you, you will need to find a way to transport your belongings to your new humble abode.

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