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Revamping Your Property as a Perfect Airbnb Getaway

Airbnb is probably one of the most well used online platforms to find holiday rentals. They can be anything from a room in a house or a bed in a shed, to the swankiest penthouse complete with a city view and hot tub, or literally an entire house with seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and a swimming pool just outside the back door. There are some more unusual stays, like boats and treehouses, and sometimes they are themed extravagantly. Plus, it’s available all over the world.

Some people are Airbnb hosts full time, for others, it’s a simple side hustle or is making use of property that would otherwise be empty. However, you decide to take it on, hosting on Airbnb is an easy and passive way of creating income. Once you have the place looking spick and span and it’s ready to host guests, there is little else you have to do. Creating a space that appeals to everyone and has little maintenance is key for generating the most income from this opportunity.

First Impressions

The first experience the guest will have with the property is getting in. Have a lock system that is easy to use, there can’t be any little niggles for getting the key to turn, it needs to be simple. Installing a secure key box with a PIN means guests can easily arrive and leave the property, and you don’t have to worry about being there every time. If the front door is looking a little shabby, have it replaced or give it a lick of paint. You want your guests to feel relaxed and at ease, so pick colours for the walls that reflect this and stay light with your colour choices to open up the space.

You want easy maintenance, so it’s worth investing in washable wall paint. For flooring, laminate is the easiest to maintain. Opting for a durable laminate floor means it isn’t easily damaged, and any spillages or accidents can be easily swept away and forgotten. And setting up a regular local window cleaner will ensure the first impression on guests will count.


Having a light open space makes such a difference, and natural light is even better. Curtains are a faff, go out of style easily, and will need way much more maintenance than choosing the perfect set of blinds.

For maximum light control and that classic European holiday feel, shutter blinds are a great option. Like the standard blind that goes from top to bottom, the panels on shutter blinds can be tilted to let more or less light in. They can also be opened completely as they have a hinge on the side of the window. Blinds from Make My Blinds are made just for you. You can choose your material and style, and order samples to test before you buy.

For when it’s dark outside, you need effective lighting and installing LED lights will save you money on your electricity bill. Having dimmable lighting that the guests can control allows them to relax and set the mood, perfect for a getaway.


Again, stay easy and simple. Most of the time, all that’s needed in the kitchen is a few fresh coats of paint. If your countertops need replacing, having laminate counters will be lower maintenance than choosing something like granite or marble, which can easily crack and chip, plus they’re cheaper and look just as good! For the actual kitchen facilities, flat electric hobs are the easiest to clean and maintain. Having a matching toaster, kettle, and any other devices really adds to the finished look of the kitchen. Provide a few pots and pans, cutlery and crockery, and maybe some simple seasoning, and your guests will settle right on in!


Having a sparkling bathroom is absolutely essential. Bathrooms get dirty and disgusting quickly. But it’s also easy to get them looking brand new without too much work. Regrout the tiles and paint the grouting a different colour; for example, dark grouting around white tiles will make them look slick and fresh. Stick with laminate or lino flooring for easy cleaning and hygiene purposes, shower or bath surfaces that can be replaced cheaply and easily, and find an effective limescale remover that can be used on the taps and glass. Pay close attention to detail in the bathrooms as it’s in here that guests will notice all the little things. Plugs should look brand new, and you should be able to see your reflection in any stainless steel. And again, provide cleaning supplies for the guests to use.


Bedrooms should be comforting and cosy, but also keep them plain and simple. If you want carpet in the bedrooms, pick a mottled colour that will hide any marks. But having laminate and using rugs to make it feel cosy is also a great option. All the furniture in each bedroom should match, as should the bedside lamps and main light shade. Pick a colour scheme for each bedroom and stick to it. Whilst white bedding will show up marks, it is cheap to replace and will give that homely but hotel-like vibe that people want. Big fluffy duvets and at least two pillows per person are necessities. Blankets and cushions that match the colour scheme will bring it to life; even you’ll be wanting to stay over!

Living Area

Keep with the classic wall colours and flooring and start adding personality through the furniture. Designing the living space is where you can have the most fun with colours and themes. But don’t forget the little technical bits too, like making sure you have a sofa with removable covers so they can just be thrown into the washing machine when needed. You may even want to provide a TV (that is obviously already logged in on Netflix) or sound system to give your guests the best experience possible. Make sure there is somewhere that everyone can easily eat, it could be a dining table or even in the kitchen, but this makes a big difference to the guests. They don’t want to be eating off their laps every night!

Finishing Touches

Decorate, but keep it classy. Having houseplants (that are easy to keep alive) throughout the property brings it a homey and earthy vibe that’s easy to relax in, add some art to the walls to bring your furnishings to life and get something a bit unusual, like a beanbag or lava lamp, to spice it up a little. Refrain from having anything personal in your property; guests don’t want to see your family photos. They want to see a few interesting signature ornaments, some funky wall prints, rugs, blankets, cushions, or neon wall lights. Sprinkle a bit of funk, but not too much. There’s a fine line between Instagram-friendly and over the top, try not to cross it! Leaving a little something for your guests is always a lovely little touch. Provide toilet roll and basic bathroom supplies, some seasoning and tea bags, and a little box of chocolates to make them feel welcome and at home. Every little helps!

Once you have your space looking like the dream getaway location, get someone that knows what they’re doing to capture the magic you’ve created in some pictures to use on your Airbnb listing. Have the entire place deep-cleaned between all your bookings to keep your ratings high, your property sparkling, and your guests happier than ever; you’ll be booking up in no time!


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