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Lidl Plans to Open 19 Stores All Over Sussex

This German company, which has over 760 stores across the UK, has a set of maps of the areas where it needs to either open a new store or relocate an existing store.

Lidl is looking at 19 retail sites across Sussex for their new branches.

Currently, the German discount retail chain is also looking to move five of its existing businesses as it continues to expand.

The probable Sussex sites include Crawley, in which 2 additional stores are suggested, as well as the moving of the existing store on Haslett Avenue East, Three Bridges. Also on the list is East Grinstead, which already has an Aldi branch.

In Brighton and Hove, Lidl intends to start 4 branches, one within Hove, Portslade, Moulscoomb, and another one in the city centre.

Just last March, a new Chichester Lidl shop opened, barely days before the lockdown began.

The chain claims that it would like to double its asset base and also to continue its ‘rapid expansion’ that necessitates even more locations.

The maps only outline where Lidl wants to set up a branch but are not reflective if any planning permission has been applied or approved and other development regarding the retail chain’s planned expansion. Lidl is encouraging landowners to get in contact if they have areas that they believe would be best suited for their plans.

Planned Hove Store Previously Occupied by Toys R Us

Lidl, which also has a shop on Arundel Road, Brighton, has submitted for planning permission to make improvements to the current site of Goldstone Retail Park, located in Old Shoreham Road, in Hove.

The transfer is expected to generate approximately 40 jobs as Britain’s fastest-growing retail chain prepares to give customers a lower-cost option to the neighboring Waitrose on Nevill Road.

The Toys R Us store is already empty since the business went bankrupt and shut down its Hove store 2 years ago.

The company likes to put in the plant & equipment that would allow food to be processed and stored at the required temperatures.

The Hove property presently has about 3,000 square meters of floor area or around 32,000 square feet. It comprises a mezzanine level of 532sqm, which the company intends to scrap.

Lidl intends to just use 1,727sqm or almost 18,600 sq ft as a shopping area and the remainder is for other functions, which include storage facilities and office spaces.

The shop area is larger than the Brighton branch, which has a total floor area of almost 1,500 sq ft.

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