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How can you investigate employee engagement across your company?

With the start of the pandemic in 2020, we have seen many companies adapt to new ways of working. While some were prepared in terms of IT, others had more struggles to move towards an online working environment. Now, little over a year since the start of the pandemic, it is time to make up the balance. How do employees feel about this new style of working. Do they still feel engaged? To understand the current state we need to investigate employee engagement across all levels of the organisation. 

How to investigate employee engagement

It may sound like a very abstract thing: employee engagement. However, when you break it down, it becomes a more easy thing to digest. For example, we can say that engagement refers to the degree someone feels as part of an organisation. This, in turn, relates to the culture as well as the commitment someone has to an organisation. When we want to investigate employee engagement, we can take multiple approaches. 

Conduct interviews with people across the organisation

To get a good view on the engagement across the organisation, you can conduct interviews with different roles. How do they feel about the organisation? What is their attitude? What do they like to see improved? What is going well? With these learnings you can equip yourself to make the engagement even better. You will also see differences in engagement across different groups. By zooming into groups that work well, you can take key learnings and apply them to other groups as well. This can result in helpful synergies that can be achieved more easily. 


While interviews might sound like a good idea, it becomes harder when you want to reach all people in an organisation. The use of a survey is preferred in such a case. By asking the right questions, you can get a good grasp of what employees are thinking about your organisation. One of the leaders in these surveys is Effectory. This employee engagement company develops surveys and other tooling that allows companies to measure the engagement within their organisations.

Not only does this help with getting insights, they also have the right questions at their disposal. This means that a survey can be deployed at scale and fast. Dashboards collect the responses and can provide insights in the teams responses. You can take these learnings and start developing a strategy.

More engaged employees with Effectory

The outcomes of the surveys from Effectory also provide with key takeaways. They can help you to form a strategy and see the results flowing out of it. The knowledge database of the engagement company makes it the right partner to conduct these surveys. Of course, the world is not limited to surveys alone. There are more engagement tooling options at your disposal.

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