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Effective Techniques To Increase Workplace Productivity

For a small business, the most important thing is the employees. If your employees are happy and satisfied, their productivity will increase. Productivity is what makes your business grow. You don’t have to make big, drastic changes to improve productivity. Sometimes, all you need is small, gradual changes to raise office efficiency and productivity in your business. 

This will help your business to not only achieve the set goals but also grow. Improved productivity will get more quality work done within a short time as well as minimize the time spent on unnecessary tasks. In this article, we discuss some of the ways you can improve workplace productivity and get the most out of your employees. 


Delegation of duties comes with the aspect of risk. With increased responsibility, you can help increase the morale of your employees and motivate them to do a more satisfactory job. Before assigning any duties, ensure that the employee is qualified and has a proven track record in the related field. Be confident in them and trust that they can do a good job. Besides, if you allow your employees to gain leadership experience and other vital skills, they will improve their productivity and give them a sense of achievement and direction. They will also be motivated to work more. 

Be Efficient

Do an assessment on how your business is currently operating, and establish ways you can maximize its potential. Keep in mind that it is very important to come up with both short-term and long-term goals. Ensure that your staff members structure their day in a manner that allows them to achieve their set goals. Furthermore, each member of your staff should have a plan of action and encourage them to make a list. This will help them complete prioritized jobs on schedule and focus on only the important ones. This will result in efficient working, hence improved productivity.

Have the Right Tools and Equipment

By providing your employees with the right tools and equipment, you make it easier for them to perform their duties faster and on time. For example, get machines like printers, typewriters and others. Spending time waiting for paperwork to print because you have a faulty printing machine can significantly affect productivity. Getting modern and high quality equipment will not only improve productivity but also change how your company is perceived. It is important to get high quality machines that work faster and are durable. There are devices like MFP which can work both as a scanner, printer, fax machine and copier. 

Reduce Distractions

Things like social media can be a huge setback to workplace productivity. However, not that no-phone policy can also make employees feel uncomfortable, reducing their productivity. The best way forward is trying to keep your employees engaged and focused while allowing them breaks. You can encourage them to switch off their phones during work hours but allow regular breaks where they are free to check their phones. This ensures that their productivity is improved. 

Set Realistic Goals and Offer Support

One common challenge employers have is no clear sense of whether their employees are being productive or not. Do the employees need incentives to stay on track? You can help them by setting goals they should achieve. When doing so, remember to set realistic goals that can be achieved. You can also provide directions to your supervisors to help them understand your expectations. This will significantly improve the workplace productivity. 

Get Them Motivated and in the Right State of Mind

If you want to get the most out of your employees, you need to get them motivated. There are many ways you can get this done. For example, you can take them to a team-building trip where they get to bond and improve team work. Another aspect that you need to take care of is the employees state of mind. 

You can use workplace digital signage to show progress on team goals or deliver motivational messages to help keep employees focused.

Ensure Employees Are Happy

When employees are stressed, they will not be productive at work. Employees that operate under highly stressful conditions are less productive and tend to have higher levels of absenteeism and disengagement. You need to ensure that your employees are happy. Simple gestures like showing how much your business appreciates and values them is gratifying. Unfortunately, many companies tend to overlook it. Always ensure that your employees are in a good mental state and most importantly, happy. 


Now that you know the several ways you can improve workplace productivity, it is upon you to start implementing them. A small business heavily depends on the employees productivity. Ensure your employees are motivated by following tips discussed here.

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