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7 most popular ways to promote your business

For your business to thrive and grow in today’s competitive landscape you need customers. In order to attract customers, you need to promote your business. But what is the best way to promote your business?

Thankfully the rise of digital media has created a plethora of new marketing opportunities and it’s now easier and more cost effective than ever to reach new customers. In this post we’ll give you some top tips about how to promote your business with these 8 tried and tested digital marketing methods.

Create a motion graphic video to promote your product or services

More campaigns now than ever include a video element, with over 90% of consumers agreeing that video influenced their decision to make a purchase. Creating engaging content is now compulsory and motion graphic videos are a great way to grab your viewer’s attention and help you translate even the most complex of ideas in seconds. Partnering with a motion graphic agency means you can work with a partner who can help you in communicating with your audience.

A motion graphic agency is also able to deliver high quality animation explainer videos that help to engage and excite your audience, allowing you to form meaningful connections with them. They also help you to portray your brand message in a non-salesy way which is perfect if you want to resonate with your target consumer.

Create blog content to highlight your new product or service

Creating a blog to spread brand awareness and connect to your target audience is a great way to highlight your products and services. By writing well-executed, engaging, informative content, you can draw-in potential customers and position your brand as an industry leader in your space.

Run an email marketing campaign

Email marketing is one of the most profitable marketing channels, generating an average return on investment of £35.41 for every £1 spent. For this reason, it should play an essential part of your digital marketing strategy to promote your business.

Email marketing campaigns can be used in a variety of ways to promote your business, highlight new products, or promote a special offer. It could consist of a few emails over the course of a week but should always have a clear call to action (CTA) for the end consumer whether this is buying your new product, visiting your website, or using a discount code to make a purchase.

Not running an email marketing campaign could mean you are leaving potential new customers and business behind, and no small business wants that so it’s worthwhile investing in an email marketing campaign whenever you want to raise awareness of your brand.


Run a social media campaign

Social media campaigns are incredibly valuable for businesses of any size or industry and an essential part of your digital tool arsenal. Research has shown that finding customers on social media has a direct impact on sales and your bottom-line profits. In fact, over 50% of people were more likely to purchase from a brand that was present on social media than brands that were not, and that number skyrockets to over 70% if you use your social media to engage with your audience so it’s important to set a social media strategy in place if you want to promote your business and turn leads into sales.

Offer returning customers a discount

Loyal customers love nothing more than being rewarded and when you offer an exclusive discount or promotion to your current customer base, they feel valued by you and are more likely to shop again for your products and services.

Promotional codes that consumers can pop in at checkout are a fantastic way to quickly drive sales and can help you create demand for your new products or services. In some instances, you can also use discounts to target a specific demographic such as students or NHS staff.

Offer new customers an introductory discount

Introductory discounts can bring new customers to your website by offering incentives for their interest. But more than just bringing in new customers, they allow you to form new relationships with them and engage with them early on.

Research has shown that companies who offer an introductory offer attract on average 45% more customers than businesses that do not.

To put it simply, introductory offers help you to get new customers and retain them. Don’t forget though, once a prospective customer becomes a paying one you should follow-up with further benefits such as free postage, or further discount to retain them.

Improve your SEO

SEO has proven itself as one of the main ways to market your business online. If your business isn’t using an SEO agency, there’s no point to you existing online as new and existing customers won’t be able to find you.

For your webpage to show on SERPs, you need to ensure your keyword strategy is optimised across on-page, off-page, and technical so that you can rank higher on search engines like Google and drive more traffic to your page.

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