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The Top Reasons Why You Should Start Your Business in Manchester

Granted, there are many other towns and cities in the United Kingdom, and each has its merits and advantages for a business of any size. There’s always London, for instance, which remains the capital and the city for big corporations and big business, but in the north, it can be said that Manchester triumphs over them all. There are plenty of reasons the city of Manchester is thriving, and it’s not just because of its gravy and chips and incredible football team! Other great cities in the north are making their mark, such as Leeds and Liverpool, especially in innovation and technology. Still, Manchester is in a class of its own with a greater number of startup enterprises and a turnover of more than £3 billion. If those numbers don’t convince you, here are the top reasons you should start your business in Manchester.

  • The amazing talent pool

 The second city in the UK has plenty to boast about – including the fact that it has one of the most amazing pools of talent one could ever come across. Manchester is all set to experience more development and growth, and it is one of the key investment areas, which is one reason it continues to attract new talent.

With its universities and schools, it is home to the country’s best talent. Over 39 per cent are of working age, which makes them qualified, but more than this, they have Level 4 competency or higher! So if you’re looking to create a startup, it makes complete sense to do it in Manchester – where you’ll have access to a never-ending talent resource.

  • Support from the local government and other businesses

 The Northern Powerhouse is a vision of the local and national government which aims to connect the great cities of the north to make for a vibrant economy that is all set to compete with other global cities. Needless to say, there is plenty of support and funding in these cities, coming not just from the government but other businesses in the area. The environment in Manchester is great for startups, and there are plenty of units to rent in Manchester for those looking for a place to call their own – and best of all,it has flexible leases, too. There is a lot of support from the private sector, and you will never run out of initiatives and programmes fuelled by both the government and local organisations.

  • Access is key

But alongside government support and initiatives from the private sector comes greater access. It just won’t be entirely possible if there were no access, and this is also a good thing, as Manchester is known for its unique and vibrant city life – without the prices in London, that is. As mentioned, the cost of rent in the area is better than that of London, and an enterprise looking to scale up its operations will have a much easier time in Manchester.

To top it all off, Manchester has excellent transport hubs and connections, with anyone having no problem getting around. In addition, the city has low transport costs to encourage everyone to commute. Along with this, Manchester’s reputation as a leader in creativity and technology has spurred on accessibility with different spaces for rent, whether you’re looking for a traditional office or would like to be more flexible with a serviced office.

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