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How to Choose the Best Clinic for Your Surgery?

As everything is going global in recent years, medical surgeries or operations are added to this trend as well. Patients are travelling just for medical purposes to another country and have their surgeries or operations and return home. There are some popular countries in medical tourism that attract international patients with quality treatment and services besides their affordable prices.

Turkey is one of those centers that get many patients all around the world especially for cosmetic operations, hair transplants, dental treatments. Even though it is known that doctors are so experienced in Turkey it is hard to decide how to find the best surgeons in Turkey.

There are some key points that you need to check once you are making your research:

1-Check Patient Reviews for Doctor

It is the most important factor for you to decide which surgeon will be operating your surgery. Before you proceed with any doctor or clinic you should check all reviews about the doctor on well known review platforms such as trust pilot, google reviews and realself.

2-Check Reviews for The Clinic or Hospital

The facility that you will have your operation is another factor that will help you to decide. It is important to have your operation in a well-equipped hospital which is internationally certified by well known authorisations such as JCI or ISO.

3-Search Your Doctor’s Background

Please do your own research about the doctor who will operate. You need to check if the doctor has any membership in international surgeon boards such as ISAPS or EBOPRAS. It is also important to choose the right surgeon specialized specifically for your surgery or operation. You should also check your doctor’s surgery experiences especially related to international patients.

4-Make Sure About Clinic Services

If you are going to another country for an operation, services that you will be provided are also important as well as doctor and hospital quality. You should question if there is an aftercare service after your operation. Since you might be alone for surgery, local services that are provided are also an important factor that you should check and decide for the best place to go.

After you do all the research, if you are satisfied with the answers, it does not matter which country you are going to. A good doctor and clinic can be anywhere in the world. If you are looking for the best one you might fly to another country. Instead of going to hospital by car you are flying to hospital.


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