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Address Validation gives you the Possibility to Validate any Address

Efficient business processes require a clean database. Typing errors, inclusions or deliberate misstatements can severely disrupt entire business processes. Manual cleaning of incorrect address data, for example in the customer database, requires a great deal of effort. The Address Validation relieves you of this work and ensures the automated cleansing of incorrect address data.

This Service can return the correct address

Address validation of opens the possibility to validate any address data stock in real time and also to clean it up if necessary. For this purpose, the address data of a customer to be checked is transferred to the interface of the service. After comparison with an address database, the service returns the correct address. For each address entry, meaningful feedback is given as to whether the stock address is correct, has been corrected or no clear result could be determined.

Address Validation can also process incomplete partial entries to a certain extent

To check an address, entries for the address components “postcode”, “city”, “street” and “house number” are transferred to the address validations’ interface. Values do not have to be transmitted for all fields, but a street name, for example, cannot be corrected if no entries are made for postcode and city. Address validation can also process incomplete partial entries to a certain extent.

After successful transmission to the interface, the address data is checked:

  • Verification of each local postal address
  • Correction of spelling mistakes (e.g., missing letters, transposed numbers …)
  • Consideration of house numbers and house number additions in the determination of results
  • Determination of the complete address if a specification such as town or postcode is missing
  • Determining the matching addresses if only part of the street or place name is known
  • Determination of current addresses to historical predecessors with regard to postcodes, towns and streets (e.g., after incorporations, resettlements or renaming).

If possible, the correct or corrected addresses are output. For each address entry, meaningful feedback is given whether the stock address is correct, has been corrected or no clear result could be determined:

  • The correct address is also output for combinations of the above criteria, provided that a clear result can be derived in this way.
  • If several results of the same quality were determined, a message is displayed indicating how many possibilities would match the entries.
  • Return of meaningful indications: Address Validation can suggest you the missing words
  • Address validation can check whether the address to be checked is correct or not.
  • Address validation offers the function that the address could be determined, and which field was corrected in the process.
  • Address validation analyses for what reason a correction was made (e.g. spelling mistake, addition of missing information, historical address …) and if the address to be validated could not be assigned.

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