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7 Great signs that show that your B2B landing pages are not well optimised.

Building a new website or new webpages can feel like a huge ordeal, especially if you don’t get it right. But, how can you tell whether your B2B landing pages are suitably optimised? Here are 7 great signs for spotting areas your landing pages can be improved.

  1. Targets a singular customer, rather than stakeholders of a business

B2C landing pages will target customers as single parties, as the purchasing decision will be made by only one person. The content will also be short, snappy, and written in less technical language. However, a B2B landing page will need to persuade all stakeholders to influence a purchasing decision, and so should be longer and filled with industry-specific language.

  1. Lack of symbols signifying security

Businesses deal with a lot of sensitive information, and transactions can add up to a significant sum of money. So, it is important to reassure businesses that purchasing from you is safe and secure. You can achieve this by incorporating guarantees into your copy, clearly listing your refund policies, and using trust marks of your privacy and security certification.

  1. No social proof

It is all well and good telling the reader that you are an expert in the industry, and an authority brand, however, you also need to back this up with evidence. The best way to do this is by including elements that highlight the credibility of your brand, such as links to social media, logos of big businesses that you work with, and any notable newspapers that have mentioned your products or services.

  1. Grammatical errors

If you are optimising B2B landing pages, it is crucial that you check the site for any spelling or grammatical errors within the content. This is because even the simplest linguistic errors can affect your credibility as a business and give the impression that you are not an authority brand in your field.

  1. Clickbait headlines

Using clickbait headlines on your B2B landing pages is a surefire way to ensure that businesses do not click on your call-to-action! Clickbait works on the principle of slightly misleading the reader so that they click on, and read, the content. However, this can be seriously annoying for many readers, and can significantly reduce trust in your brand.

  1. Poor analytics and tracking figures

One of the major signs that your B2B landing page is not well optimised is if you have little traffic coming to your website, poor conversion rates, and tracking figures that show users do not spend much time on your landing page before heading elsewhere. This data can highlight areas where your landing page is lacking so that you can implement improvements more efficiently.

  1. Inconsistency in content

If your content is inconsistent, it’s time to change it! If a business is reading through your landing page, they want to see content that is relevant to what they are searching for, and, ultimately, considering buying. When a page has inconsistencies, readers will simply click off the page and go elsewhere.

Overall, there are many ways that you can notice how well optimised your B2B landing pages are. With these tips in mind, you will be able to improve your content, engagement, and conversions on your website.

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