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5 reasons an unfurnished apartment is better

When it comes to buying or renting an apartment, furnished or unfurnished is the first hurdle. What may suit one tenant may not necessarily suit another. It is important to weigh up your options when choosing whether to move into a furnished or unfurnished property. While there are multiple pros and cons to each, unfurnished is the clear winner for millions of tenants across the globe. Continue reading to find out why.

  1. Higher chance of receiving your security deposit 

If you move into a furnished apartment, you become responsible for the condition of the furniture provided. General wear and tear over time is to be expected. However, accidental damage can require costly repairs that must be paid for by the tenant. You may be slapped with an unexpected bill when you return your keys. Mistakes happen but you can reduce the severity of the consequences by purchasing your own furniture. This eliminates the risk of damaging furniture that belongs to your landlord and will be required for future tenants moving into the apartment after you. You are more likely to receive your security deposit when your lease ends if you purchase your own furniture. You must also ensure the apartment is returned to the exact same condition as when you moved in. Any additional furniture purchased by the tenant during the lease should be removed and any existing furniture provided by the landlord should be returned or rearranged as necessary.

  1. Room for personalisation

Adding your own furniture allows you to personalise your space. Furnished apartments include furniture selected by your landlord. More often than not, it does not reflect the personal taste of the tenant. An unfurnished apartment provides the renter with a blank canvas to furnish and decorate as they please. This allows tenants to add their own personal stamp on the place and increases the chances of them staying long-term. If you are flying the nest for the first time, an unfurnished apartment allows you to amass a personal collection of furniture that you can add to as you move from one apartment to the next. This also saves on storage costs and prevents you from having to ask your landlord to remove any furniture taking up space in your apartment. An estate agent specialising in unfurnished rumah untuk disewa in Malaysia or elsewhere can source the perfect apartment for you to discover your own personal style of interior design.

  1. You are more likely to stay long-term 

By filling your new property with your own belongings, you can transform a house into a home. An apartment furnished to your own taste can help you form a personal connection to your new home. This is more likely to encourage you to stay long-term. A house furnished with furniture that does not belong to you can feel like you are living in someone else’s home. This can prompt renters to start looking elsewhere for a new apartment sooner than they had planned. An unfurnished apartment can also be a great alternative for renters who simply cannot afford to purchase their own property yet. You can save money whilst furnishing the apartment to the same standard as you would if it was yours.

  1. They may allow pets

While not necessarily always the case, landlords letting unfurnished apartments are more likely to allow pets. Most furnished apartments do not allow pets due to the potential for damage to furniture, fixtures, and fittings provided by the landlord. An unfurnished apartment removes this concern. With the tenant responsible for the purchase and installation of furniture, landlords can relax knowing any damage inflicted during the course of their tenancy will not hinder the overall condition or value of the apartment for future tenants. Tenants may also install temporary wood flooring or restrict pets to certain rooms to reduce the likelihood of damage and ensure their apartment is as pet-friendly as it possibly can be.

  1. They are cheaper

While furnishing costs may require a significant chunk of your budget, rent costs are often less for unfurnished apartments than they are for furnished apartments. You must calculate expected furniture costs so you can assess whether or not they can be offset over time during your rental period. For example, if you were to shell out £1,000 to furnish your new apartment, this would equate to around £83 per month during a year-long lease. Tenants renting long-term are more likely to benefit from such a costly overhaul. Furnished apartments may cost more to purchase or rent but you will save money on furnishing costs and benefit from walking into an apartment that is move-in ready.

There are a number of factors to consider when moving into a new apartment. Don’t waste time viewing furnished apartments when an unfurnished property could allow you to really make a house a home.


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